Solar PV Industry News

Any electrical industry business and construction industry business should be continually looking to develop skills.

The solar PV industry is one that is increasing as the government attempts to meet the 2020 UK carbon reduction targets.

Solar PVThe electrical and construction industry are vital to enable these targets to have any chance of being met.

The government’s feed-in-tariff scheme has encouraged and is encouraging many to have Solar PV panels installed on their homes and properties.

After the success of the UK feed-in-tariff scheme, other European countries have followed by introducing their own versions for their citizens. Germany is one such country that has introduced a feed-in-tariff scheme.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change figures state that solar PV installation will continue at a rate of approx 150,000 installations a year.

The micro-regeneration certification scheme was created to ensure that all installers and Solar PV installationtheir work is professional and to a high standard.

It also allows registered installers access to grants and government funding that unregistered installers are not able to get.

Our Solar PV course allows successful candidates to register on a micro-regeneration certification scheme and ensures that all candidates are trained to a high standard.