The 17th Edition Megger/Fluke Debate

On the recent 17th edition course here at PASS Training and Development, two of the delegates were having a discussion about two well known test equipment manufacturers that have recently released new multifunction equipment and which of these new instruments are better.

Fluke vs MeegerDespite both of these delegates making good arguments for each case, neither could agree which equipment or manufacturer had the better new multifunction equipment.

So we thought you might be able to settle the dispute:

Are the new Fluke 1652C and 1654B better multifunction testers than the new Megger 1700 series or are the new Meggers better than the new Flukes?

Megger are promoting the new 1700 series as a multifunction tester that can be dropped, bounced, used in rain, and still work when the wrong range is selected or when mistakenly connected to live circuits. For convenience, they say they’ve placed test buttons at either end of the tester and now have room in the carry case for test leads, certificates, pad, accessories and the meter.

Fluke however, are promoting the new 1650 series of electrical testing equipment, including the 1652C and 1654B as a new re-designed tester that can be dropped from one metre and still work, a lightweight tester that has lots of new features including a new fast loop measurement that saves up to 50% of time and as an everyday tester that has it all.

So what’s your opinion, do you prefer the new Megger 1700 series or the new Fluke 1652C and 1654B?

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