New London Skyscrapers Will Need Electricians

Two new skyscrapers are set to change London city, one being a development of the Leadenhall building by British Land and the other is from a partnership between Canary Wharf group and Land Securities.

Electrical Training Courses - WeybridgeNicknamed the Cheese-grater and the Walkie Talkie, both buildings are set to reach 47 and 37 storeys high respectively. Developers of the Cheese-grater have stated; “We are aiming for it to be one of the most iconic buildings in London.”

With an expected cost of £340million, there is set to be many opportunities for technicians and electricians to become involved in this iconic new structure, making now the perfect time to complete electrical training courses.

Detailed planning consent is in place, demolition and preliminary basement works have been completed and construction is set to start in January 2011. Completion to shell and core is expected by 2014, allowing people time to hone their electrical skills before the 21,000sq ft spike shaped building is in need of qualified technicians to complete electrical work.

Many new skyscrapers have solar energy panels fitted as standard and, if this is the case, solar PV installation skills will be required for these two new skyscrapers. This is in addition to standard electrical skills such as, electrical installation engineers, PAT testers, and any other type of electrical work needed.

This suggests that electrical engineers and technicians will soon be in high demand in London, making this an ideal opportunity for career change, or re-training.
If the electrical field is something that appeals, it may be worth investigating courses available in London. PASS Training and Development have new courses starting in Weybridge in Surrey, London from January 2011.

From a well respected and experienced company, these new C&G 17th Edition and PAT testing courses are as a result of company expansion and are set to become as popular as the already full, existing courses in the north of England centre.

Please visit our Electrical Training Course website for more information about electrical training courses in London.