17th Edition, What’s Changed?

From the 1st January 2012 the 17th Edition First Amendment, published in July 2011, came into force.

Those electricians who carry out work that requires conformity to 17th Edition will need to update their skills to ensure they stay within the regulations.

Training Shower Close UpThis is important to ensure that any work carried out is safe and conforms to legal requirements.

The course to qualify an electrician to 17th Edition Amendment 1 standard is called the City and Guilds 2382-12 17th Edition Amendment 1. It covers all aspects of the 17th Edition Regulations including the new sections set out in Amendment 1.

These new sections include the following:

  • Section 444 Measures against electromagnetic disturbances
  • Section 534 Devices for protection against overvoltage (surge protection)
  • Section 710 Medical locations
  • Section 729 Operating or maintenance gangways
  • Appendix six Model forms for certification and reporting.

If you think you may need the new 17th Edition course, contact us on 0845 365 39 45 or visit the 2382-12 course pages for more detailed information.