Course Overview

Get the most out of your thermal camera during building inspections

Duration: 14 hours (2 days)

Suitability: Beginners + building inspection professionals

Pre-requisites: None

Recommendations: Interest in building inspections

Qualification: No formal certification. Certificate of attendance can be obtained

Exam: No

Thermal cameras are excellent tools for inspecting buildings, allowing you to pinpoint poor insulation, moisture damage and much more. Learn all the basics of how these cameras work with this two-day training course in building thermography!

Candidates can expect the following content as part of the Introduction to Building Thermography Course:

  • Basics of thermography
  • Basics of emissivity and reflected apparent temperature
  • Introduction to electrical and building inspections
  • Infrared camera handling
  • Basics of heat transfer
  • The building envelope
  • Important physical parameters
  • Major anomalies
  • Thermal patterns
  • Building application guidelines
  • Data analysis and reports
  • Laboratory sessions

The course is designed purely for beginners. During the first day, your experienced thermography tutor will teach you about the basic of thermography and how to use your camera to make sure you know exactly how to operate it. On the second day, after a brief refresher on thermal transfer, you’ll learn about building envelope, important physical parameters and typical camera faults.

Focus is put greatly on case studies selected from the field specifically for building thermography evaluations.

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