Course Overview

Six day combined initial and periodic inspection and testing package

Designed for experienced electricians who want to gain qualifications in inspection and testing, those wanting to update existing skills and those who want to move to the next career level, this course package can be taken by many industry professionals.

The course is split into two sections. The first part concentrates on the 4337 part of the package which is a level three course and focuses on initial inspection and testing. The second part of the package concentrates on the 4338 section of the package which focuses on the periodic inspection and testing.

Course Details

Course Details

Both the 4337 and 4338 courses are studied together consecutively, allowing learners to gain two qualifications from EAL for one course programme.

The beginning section of the course programme teaches the 4337 part of the package, which is the initial inspection and testing of installations section and lasts for four days. The final part of the course teaches the 4338 part of the package, which is the periodic inspection and testing element of the package and lasts for two days.

The combined package is aimed at those wanting to update existing electrical skills who already work in the industry. When studying this course package, learners will cover the following topics:

  • The difference between initial and periodic inspection and testing
  • Safe isolation of electrical circuits and installations
  • Initial verification of electrical installations
  • Inspection and testing for existing installations
  • Inspecting installations before they are put in service
  • Periodic inspections for existing installations
  • Safe testing and commissioning of new installations
  • Safe testing of existing installations already in service
  • Testing circuits prior to energising
  • Testing existing circuits
  • Reading and understanding test results
  • Completing installation certificates and other documents
  • Completing condition reports and other documents
  • Confirming systems are safe before carrying out inspection, testing and commissioning
  • Practical practice sessions to carry out what has been learnt


Assessments for both the 4337 and 4338 courses from EAL consist of two open book examinations and two practical assessments.

To be successful and gain both qualifications, learners must pass all assessments.

Full details of examinations for each part of the combined course are as follows:

Course Part
Type of Exam Name
4337 Online exam and practical assessment Principles, practices and Legislation for Initial Verification
4338 Online exam and practical assessment Principles, Practices and Legislation for Periodic Inspection

If you would like further information on this course or the assessments included, contact us on 0845 365 39 45.


All learners who successfully pass the online exams and the practical assessments for both the 4337 and 4338 parts of the combined package, will be awarded with two EAL certificates for the 4337 and 4338 qualifications.


The whole course package is six days long in total. The first four days of the package focus on the 4337 section and the final two days focus on the 4338 aspect of the course.


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Course Suitability

Course Suitability

This combined course package is most suitable for those already in the electrical industry with knowledge and experience of inspection and testing. Those professionals wanting to gain qualifications to this level, those wanting to update existing skills and those wanting to move to the next career level are all ideal candidates for this course package.

Anyone not sure if their existing qualifications and experience qualifies them for entry to this combined package, can contact us for information on suitability.

Progression & Development

Both qualifications in this package are specified as part of JIB grading and this course package can be taken by those wanting to achieve this.

There are lots of other courses that can be studied following this one for those interested. For information on which ones are best for your individual needs, contact us on 01642 987 978.


For entry to this course package, learners must have an understanding of electrical principles and experience of electrical testing within the industry. It is also important that learners are knowledgeable of 17th Edition Wiring Regulations.

However, those who don’t meet the pre-requisites for this course can choose to study something else, the Introduction to Inspection and Testing course may be a more suitable option.

Essential Readings

Essential Readings

The following publications will be referred to during the course and copies of these books may be a useful investment:

  • IET Inspection and Testing Guidance Note 3 (incorporating amendment 1)
  • BS7671:2008 (2011) On Site Guide
  • IET Wiring Regulations (Amendment 1: 2011)

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