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One easy package to replace the former 2391 qualification

The qualifications are aimed at practicing electricians who want to update their skills or who would like to move further in their electrical career and be able to carry out initial and periodic inspection and testing.

The first qualification is the 2394, a level 3 course which covers initial verification and certification of installations including 3-phase.

The second qualification is the 2395 which is also a level 3 course and covers the principles, practices and legislation for the periodic inspection, testing and condition reporting of electrical installations.

Course Details

Course Details

The package format of these two courses means that both are studied together. This saves on taking more time off work and means that both qualifications are gained at once.

A major part of the course is the initial verification and certification, which takes up four days of the six day course. Learners will study both the theory and practical elements of this section before moving on to the final two day principles, practices and legislation of periodic inspection and testing part of the course.

The main programme will cover the following topics in the first four days of the course:

  • Isolating electrical circuits and installations safely
  • Initial verification of electrical installations
  • Carrying out the inspection of electrical installations before being put into service
  • Testing and commissioning electrical installations safely
  • Testing before circuits are energised
  • Testing energised installations
  • Completing electrical installation certificates and other documentation
  • Ensuring safe systems and equipment before inspection, testing and commissioning
  • Inspecting electrical installations before they are in operation
  • Commissioning electrotechnical systems and equipment

The final two days of the course programme focuses on the 2395 element of the package and covers the following topics:

  • Inspecting and testing existing installations
  • How to complete the Electrical Installation Condition Report and supporting documents
  • Carrying out Periodic Inspection of electrical installations
  • Periodic Inspection and Initial Verification differences
  • Read, understand and interpret test results
  • Safely testing electrical installations which are in operation
  • Completing electrical installation condition reports and other documents
  • Confirming the safety of a system and equipment before carrying out inspection, testing and commissioning
  • Carrying out electrical installation inspections before the installation is in service
  • Producing a condition report and recording observations and classifications


The assessments for the 2394 and 2395 package are set by City and Guilds and consist of one online multiple choice exam, two written papers and two practical assessments.

The exams for this package consist of the following:

Course Part
Type of Exam Name
2394 Online exam, written exam and assignment Principles, practices and Legislation for Initial Verification
2395 Online exam, written exam and assignment Principles, Practices and Legislation for Periodic Inspection

There are also two practical exams, which are taken once the other exams are completed.

The written exam dates are controlled by City and Guilds themselves and are set nationally. This means that there are booking cut off dates for this package, for further information on this contact us on 0845 365 39 45.


Those learners completing the course content and passing the exams and assessments will be awarded with two City and Guilds qualifications; one for the 2394 section of the package and one for the 2395 section of the package.


The whole package is six days long and is one consecutive course. The first four days focus on the training for the 2394 part of the package, whereas the final two days focus on the 2395 part of the package.


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Course Suitability

Course Suitability

To be eligible for entry to this course, learners are required to have knowledge and experience of inspection and testing. This means that people already working in the electrical industry or those who need to refresh and upgrade existing qualifications are ideal candidates for this course package.

Those holding the 2392 Level two course will find this useful when studying the 2394 and 2395 combined course package, although this is not a necessary requirement.

Progression & Development

Those learners wanting to gain JIB Grading as an approved electrician need to hold the 2394 and 2395 qualification as it is stipulated as part of that grading procedure.

There are many other options for those wanting to move on and develop their skills further once this combined package has been completed, for information on which options are most suitable, contact us on 01642 987 978.


Anyone wanting to complete this course must have existing knowledge and experience of inspection and testing. It is most suitable for those already in the electrical industry with knowledge of the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations.

However, those not meeting the requirements for entry can still study a qualification, the Introduction to Inspection and Testing course may be a more suitable option.

Essential Readings

Essential Readings

It is important that learners are knowledgeable of the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations, so a copy of them would be a useful investment. Learners may also find the On-Site Guide and Guidance Note 3 books useful too.

For information on the reading requirements, to purchase your books or any other aspect of this course package, contact us on 01642 987 978.

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