What Types of Electrician are There?

Interested in becoming an electrician? With the correct training and knowledge, there’s a huge range of different career routes available for you to take. From working in homes as a domestic electrical installer to working on HV systems, the range of jobs available to electricians is vast.

Below are just a few examples of possible jobs you could take on when trained as an electrician:

Domestic Electrical Installers

Perhaps the most common type of electrician, domestic electrical installers work on domestic properties. So that’s small and larger jobs around the home, ranging from simple socket fixes to installation of wiring throughout a property.

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Installation Electrician

You’ll be responsible for installing systems such as lighting, security, power, fire protection systems and structure cabling.

This job is slightly larger in scope than a domestic electrical installer’s work, as it allows the possibility of working on larger projects. Installation electricians can work anywhere ranging from construction sites to commercial properties.

Maintenance Electrician

Maintenance electricians ensure that modern electrical systems and the equipment that they serve are always running effectively, safely and efficiently.

This can involve anything from maintaining the power grid to fixing problems with machinery within factories.

Electrotechnical Panel Builder

They use programmable logic controllers and information technology to build and manage the electrical control panels that control buildings heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Instrumentation Electrician

This job involves commissioning, testing, fault finding and the repairing of building environmental control systems, such as large air conditioning units, heating and refrigeration.

Electrical Machine Repairer & Rewinder

Skilled electrical machine repair and rewind specialists are required to repair and maintain equipment machinery such as transformers, compressors, pumps and fans within buildings.

Highway Electrical Systems Electrician

Trained highway electrical systems electricians ensure that our street lighting, including traffic management systems are continuously managed and maintained to a high standard.