Do I Need To Join A Competent Person Scheme?

Choosing a Competent Person Scheme

There are a number of competent person schemes across the country, it is advisable to look into each one before making the final decision as to which is right for you and your career needs.

Each company offering competent person scheme registration has their own tailored specific joining requirements. These joining requirements vary considerably between each body. If you are interested in registering on one of the schemes, you should contact these bodies individually to identify what the requirements are and if you meet them.

These bodies have trained advisors who deal with requests like this daily and will be able to offer you specific information on your application and what you need to do to be eligible to join their particular scheme.

The following bodies offer competent person schemes and, are well known and respected in the industry:

Do I have to join a Scheme?

Not all job roles in the electrical industry will require you to join a scheme. Whether you do or not will depend on your future career ambitions and objectives, and whether you are interested in such schemes.

Those with relevant training and experience are able to carry out notifiable and non-notifiable work on domestic electrical properties without being affiliated to a competent person scheme, however many choose to do so in order to be recognised as competent and to have the prestige such bodies can bring.

What do I need to do now?

To find out information about the schemes available, follow the above links to the individual scheme websites.

For information about available courses which train you to the level required for competent person schemes, contact us on 01642 987 978 and we’ll provide you with information regarding your options.