How Can I Retrain For a Career In the Electrical Industry?

An electrical career is one worth training for!

The current economic climate has left millions facing doubt and uncertainty. It is becoming more common to encounter difficulty getting past the interview stage of job applications. A guaranteed regular income is becoming almost unobtainable.

Recent studies have indicated that whilst many sectors have seen a decline in job numbers, others have risen. One of those areas is the electrical industry, an area which has seen a skills shortage for a number of years. This is an industry that could prove to be the career change many are looking for.

The benefits of changing career far outweigh the risks involved when considering the shortage of qualified electrical tradesmen in the country. There simply aren’t enough people undergoing electrical training in order to replace those retiring from the industry, making the skills gap grow.

The electrical industry is a good way to build regular work and income as the requirement for electrical work to be carried out could come from large and smaller contracts.

Any training you undertake will vastly improve your employability so you could get that elusive job, or if you combine electrical training with any existing skills, you may be able to start your own business.

Current regulations state that anyone wishing to certify their own domestic electrical work must be qualified in Logic Part P. So, for example, if you are a plumber and wish to carry out even small electrical projects as part of your work, you must have electrical training in this field.

PASS Training and Development offer a wide range of electrical training courses that can help you become qualified and enable that career change. Visit the course pages for more information, or call the training team who would be happy to help you to decide what course route is best 01642 987 978.