Can You Tell Me More About the 17th Edition Course?

All electrical installers need a fundamental understanding of the official UK Wiring Regulations.

Due to recent changes brought about in Amendment 3 (January 2015) of the IET Wiring Regulations, the original 17th Edition Course (2382-12) has now been amended to 2382-15, a new course which incorporates the changes made to the Wiring Regs in Amendment 3.

Do I Still Need To Do the 2382-12 Course?

No, this course is now deemed obsolete and is no longer a requirement due to the changes made to the wiring regs.

Who is the 17th Edition Course Suitable For?

This course is an essential for anyone working as an electrical installer, or those who require an understanding the Wiring Regulations as part of their work.

If you have previously attended the 2382-12 course, you will need to attend the 2382-15 course as well due to the vast changes made under amendment 3.

How Long Is the 17th Edition Course?

This course takes place over a period of three days.

We also have one day workshops routinely available for those with the previous 2382-12 qualification.

What Does the Course Cover?

During this course, you’ll learn about all previous 17th Edition modules, including Protection for Safety, Selection and Erection of Equipment and Inspection and Testing.

In addition, you’ll also learn about the following sections which are changed under amendment 3.

  • Section 557 – Auxiliary Circuits
  • Section 559 – Luminaires and Lighting Installations
  • Section 714  – Outdoor Lighting Installations
  • Section 715 – Extra-Low Voltage Lighting
  • Section 717 – Mobile and Transportable Units
  • Chapter 41 – Protection Against Electric Shock
  • Chapter 42 – Protection Against Thermal Effects
  • Chapter 52 – Selection and Erection of the Wiring Cables

In addition there’s also a section which covers Part 2 Definitions, ‘Cmin’ Factor and Condition Reports.

Is There An Exam?

Yes. Those who attend the course are expected to take a two hour online examination at the end of all modules.

There are no practical elements to this course – it is taught purely in a classroom.

Do I Need Any Previous Qualifications?

Although there are no formal requirements to attend this course, a keen interest in electrical installation and previous electrical training is an advantage.

Where Is the Course?

We routinely run this course throughout the year in various different venues across the UK, including Stockton, Watford, Dundee, Derbyshire, Newcastle and various other locations.

Learn More

For more information on the 17th edition course, including course availability, please visit this page.