Electrical Work and Assessments

A. What does the 18th Edition mean for the electrical work I am carrying out?

Electrical contractors do not have a requirement to comply with the 18th Edition regulations immediately. Post publication in July 2018, electrical contractors will need to transition to the new regulations within six months; this transition period is in place to allow you to become familiar with the new requirements. Ultimately electrical installations which have been designed and installed after the six month transition period must comply with the new wiring regulations.

A. What to do between July 2018 and January 2019?

Contractors should begin the transition process by gaining a good understanding of the changes in place, both in theory and practice. Electrical Contractors should begin to comply with the new regulations once they feel comfortable and prepared to do so.

If transitioning, please be aware that electrical contractors should either comply with the existing regulations (17th Edition Amendment 3) or with the 18th Edition, but contractors should not combine elements of both.

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