Course Overview

Course Duration: 5 Day

Location: Stockton-On-Tees High Voltage Training Centre

Assessment: Written Examination & Practical Examination

Certificate Gained:  PASS Certificate of Competency (Certificate of Attendance gained for those who do not pass the tests or decide not to take the tests)

Entry Requirements: Electrical experience essential – see further below for more info

Included: Course entry and examination costs, lunch and refreshments (tea, coffee and juice)

Reading Requirements: There are no peripheral reading requirements for this course

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About the High Voltage Cable Jointing Stockton Course

Learn the correct methods and techniques to safely and effectively joint (and terminate) high voltage cables up to 15kV with our High Voltage Cable Jointing Stockton Course.

Taking place at our high voltage training centre in North East England, you’ll both learn the theory and take part in practical work realting to high voltage cable jointing and termination. You’ll be nvolved in the preparation of high voltage polymeric cables, learn to splice or terminate the cables, gain understanding of how to correctly strip and prepare a cable and ultimately learn to install almost any type of joint or termination by any manufacturer.

The following modules are included as part of this training course:

  • The Component Parts of a Cable
  • Safety Documentation
  • Cable Identification
  • How to Strip a Cable for Testing
  • How to Install HV Glands
  • How to Install Solderless Earths
  • How to Carry Out a 3 Core Termination
  • How to Carry Out a High Voltage Straight Joint
  • Introduction to HV Testing
  • Introduction to Cable Spiking

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