HV Authorised Person (SAP) / Switching Courses

At PASS, we run a wide range of senior authorised person training and authorised person courses in high voltage switching and operation of both high and low voltage switchgear.

Whether you’re new to the high voltage industry or looking to expand your skills with a SAP training course, we can help you to gain the high voltage training you need to expand you skills and the work you can do. We have a dedicated high voltage training centre with all the equipment you need, as well as experienced high voltage tutors to help you train and understand all of the important aspects of testing, switching and interacting with high voltage equipment.

We also offer wind turbine training courses which focus on switching of power distribution networks associated with wind turbines.

If you’re not sure which high voltage switching course you need to take, or if you want advice on becoming an authorised or senior authorised person, please get in touch with our training department and we’ll be happy to advise on which course(s) are right for your chosen career path.

HVSO1 - Authorised Person Training - Limited Operation of High Voltage Power Systems

Become an authorised person capable of performing limited switching operations in HV substations and switchrooms with this course.

HVSO4 - Senior Authorised Person - Safe Switching Operation of High Voltage Power Systems (SAP)

Train to be a senior authorised person responsible for performing switching operations and issuing safety documents.

HVS05 - High Voltage Sanction for Test Receipt Authorisation Course

Become qualified to receive sanction for test documents in high voltage applications with this course.

HVS06 - Practical Introduction to the Safe Operation of High/Low Voltage Switchgear up to 15kV

New to switchgear operation? This course is suitable for both electrical/non-electrical personnel and is an excellent starting point if you are aiming for full switching authorisation.

HVWP1 - Wind Turbine SAP Training: Safe Switching of Power Distribution Networks

Learn to safely perform switching on both on and offshore wind turbines with our SAP authorised wind turbine training course.

HVS03 - Authorised Person Training - Limited Safe Switching of HV Power Systems (HVS01 Refresher)

Refresh your knowledge of safely operating HV power systems with this training course (ideal for those who have previously completed the HVS01 course).