UE Systems Ultrasound Courses

UE Systems are a World leading manufacturer of ultrasonic detection instruments They produce a range of instruments used primarily for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection, designed to help reduce energy waste and optimise maintenance efficiency.

PASS has partnered with them to offer a range of training courses designed to create a broad understanding of how and why ultrasound technology is a versatile, beneficial and successful inspection technique when used for leak detection and electrical and mechanical inspection.

UE Systems Leak Inspection Course

A one day course covering the principles of Ultrasound, procedure and techniques of using Ultrasound technology to detect different types of pressure, vacuum and gas leaks.

Locations: Stockton,

UE Systems Introduction to Ultrasound

Locations: Stockton,

UE Systems Level 1 / CAT 1 Ultrasound Training

Significantly improve your predictive maintenance program with an ultrasound program at your facility, this course will provide you with in-depth knowledge and the skills to successfully carry out implement ultrasound detection within your business as part of non-destructive test service.