City & Guilds Remote Invigilation

Sit your exam from home, or the office

Certain City & Guilds exams can now be sat remotely, making exam resits and online courses more convenient, whilst also reducing stress and the need to travel.

What courses does it apply to?

Not all courses are applicable to be remotely invigilated. Please call us on 01642 987 978 to discuss your course options.

We offer remote invigilation on the following courses:

  • 2919: EV Charging
  • 2391: Inspection & Testing
  • 2377: PAT Testing
  • 2382: 18th Edition
  • 2393: Building Regulations

How does it work?

Live Remote Invigilation

We provide an online invigilator who supervises a candidate using audio-visual streams and is supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) monitoring. The invigilator can also provide technical support to the candidate to ensure they can deliver their best performance in the test. The invigilator can pause or terminate the test if they see suspicious behaviour.


You will be taking a remotely invigilated on-screen test that is set to the same standards as a classroom or test centre-based test. You will be expected to confirm your identity and have a designated location that is tidy, and clear of papers or books, to sit your test.

To take a remotely invigilated test, you will need:

  • A Windows PC (Windows 8 or higher) – More detailed specifications
  • Google Chrome internet browser
  • Surpass Viewer – Instructions on how to download
  • An active and up to date Antivirus program
  • A strong/stable internet connection
  • A webcam
  • A microphone
  • A quiet and well-lit room where you will not be disturbed
  • Photo ID – driving license, passport, work-based ID or Student ID are all acceptable.

You will need to have both Google Chrome and Surpass viewer installed. This is because Google Chrome is used for the remote invigilation element of the test whereas Surpass Viewer is used to deliver the test content.

At present Mac OS (Apple products), Chrome OS (Chromebook products), and (iOS) Tablet/Mobile devices are not supported for the delivery of City & Guilds on-screen assessments.

Further Reading

We strongly suggest you visit the City & Guilds Remote Invigilation page to familiarise yourself with all requirements of the test before arranging your exam with us.


Please call 01642 987 978 or contact us too book.