Labourer's CSCS Card Package

Get your CSCS labourer card here! This comprehensive course includes the CITB Health and Safety Awareness course, CITB examination and we’ll also organise applying for your card once you’ve passed the course.

The easy way to get your green Labourer’s CSCS card so you can work onsite! This comprehensive package includes a health and safety training course, your CSCS examination fees and we’ll also apply for your CSCS card for you when you’re done.

Trust PASS for your CSCS training needs – we do everything in one place, ensuring minimal disruption to your time and we can help you to get your full CSCS card qualification as quickly as possible.

Book your place now and get your CSCS labourer card!

  • Course Duration – 1 Day – includes training course and examination
  • What’s Included? – This package includes a health and safety training course, your health and safety examination and we will also complete the process of applying for your CSCS card for you. Lunch and refreshments throughout the day are also included. The card is valid for five years after completion of the training package
  • Health and Safety Course Taken – this course package includes the CITB Health and Safety Awareness course which is a pre-requisite for gaining a green labourer’s CSCS card for on-site work
  • Requirements – There are no formal entry requirements for this course – anyone can attend. The course is aimed at those who wish to work as a labourer within construction environments*

*If you don’t wish to work as a labourer and need another CSCS card instead, we can help with that. Visit this page or call us directly and we’ll be able to organise getting you another CSCS card

About the Labourer CSCS Card PackageCSCS Labourer Card

If you want to work as a labourer on a construction site, many employers won’t even consider you for work unless you have a valid, current CSCS card.

CSCS cards are widely regarded within the construction industry as one of the best ways to prove you have the health and safety training needed to work safely on site. It’s highly recommended that any labourer, or anyone completing other jobs on a construction site, should have their own CSCS card.

To get a Labourer CSCS card, you must do three things:

  • Complete an approved health and safety training course for the construction sector
  • Take the CITB Health and Safety examination
  • Apply for the card through the CITB

Our Labourer CSCS Card course package includes all three of these for one reduced cost. Taking place over just a single day at our Stockton-on-Tees training venue in the North East, you can take your health and safety course, take the exam and we’ll then apply for your CSCS card for you, which will be posted out by the CITB to your house or place of work.

What is the CSCS and What CSCS Cards are There?

The CSCS – which stands for the Construction Skills Certification Scheme – is a qualification that proves you have the necessary health and safety training to work safely on a construction site.

To prove you have this qualification, you will be issued with a CSCS card after completing the correct health and safety course and by passing the CITB Health and Safety examination. Which course you have to take will vary depending on the type of work you may be doing – for example, a labourer will take a course such as the CITB Health and Awareness course, while someoneone who works as a manager or supervisor may be required to take a different course.

What type of work you want to do on a construction site also determines the type of CSCS card you will be issued with – labourers are issued with a green Labourer CSCS card, but there are also red, black, yellow, white and other coloured cards available for Skilled Workers, Trainees, Supervisors, Apprentices and others.

If you would like more information on the types of CSCS card available to you, we have prepared a guide on the different types of cards. Click here for more information >>