Creative Planning for Congested Areas Workshop in Wrexham

Course Details

The course is heavily interactive and has been developed to get you thinking as an experienced drone pilot.

The course will start with an open discussion on the limitations which standard PfCO pilots currently operate. You will look at some real-life examples of drone footage that was captured in a congested area and discuss how this could have been safely obtained.

Your practical exercises will take you to a congested location close to the course venue where you will work in groups to assess the location, document the challenges faced for flying drones in the area. Afterwards, you will inform the group of your findings.

The second part of the day will cover the key points required by the OSC.

  • The Congested Area Operating Safety Case
  • Approaching the CAA with an Unmanned Aircraft System Operating Safety Case (UASOSC) and the CAA’s requirements
  • Proper and Full Risk Assessments
  • Creative and Imaginative Solutions to Congested Area Operations
  • Practical planning of a city centre engagement

Course Length

This is a one day workshop which covers both the theory and practical aspects of congestion planning for flying drones.

Develop an OSC (Operating Safety Case) to help you to gain permission from the CAA to operate your drone in a congested area.

This Creative Planning for Congested areas workshop held in Wrexham, is designed for established drone operators who find it difficult or impossible to operate in congested areas.

The workshop will help you to assess things differently and get you to look at and consider more complex scenarios.

The workshop will teach you how to develop an operating safety case (OSC) for the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) with the insight for an OCS application.