Creative Planning for Congested Areas Workshop | DronePartners | Edinburgh

Workshop Details

This DroneParners Course will open your mind to the creative thinking employed by experienced drone pilots.

  • The Congested Area Operating Safety Case
  • Approaching the CAA with an Unmanned Aircraft System Operating Safety Case (UASOSC) and the CAA’s requirements
  • Proper and Full Risk Assessments
  • Creative and Imaginative Solutions to Congested Area Operations
  • Practical planning of a city centre engagement

Workshop Suitability

The Workshop is only suitable for drone pilots who have a PfCO.

For more details Visit the Creative Planning for Congested Areas Workshop page

This Congested Area Workshop is Ideal for those who want to use Drones in congested areas that may have been thought of as impossible!

This Edinburgh Based workshop is for established drone operators looking to operate safely and at minimum risk in difficult congested area environments.  We will help you look at more complex planning scenarios from a new perspective.

The workshop covers:

  • How to operate in congested areas safely,
  • How to approach the CAA with a case,
  • How to do risk assessments
  • Practical planning of city Centre engagement.

You can bring your own drone with you for this course.