Choosing an IOSH Health & Safety Training Course

Health and safety training is among the most important training people receive. Whether you work in an office or a high risk environment, having a basic understanding of health and safety will help you to work more efficiently, avoid accidents and consider risks in the workplace much better than you would have previously.

IOSH (the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) are the world’s largest health and safety membership organisation. They are also one of the world’s leading providers of health and safety training, with over 160,000 people taking IOSH courses every year.

We run several of IOSH’s health and safety training programmes. This page is designed to help you decide which of the IOSH courses is right for you.

IOSH Working Safely – the short, entry-level course for anyone

Thousands of people every year take IOSH Working Safely. This is a simple, entry-level training course that’s open to all.

This course is highly recommended either for individuals wanting to prove their commitment to health and safety, or is an excellent option for employers looking for health and safety training for employees.

Here’s what you need to know about the course:

  • Takes place over a single day to ensure minimal disruption to your working life
  • Suitable for anyone, from any sector
  • Includes modules on working safely, defining risks/hazards, identifying hazards, improving safety performance and protecting the environment
  • Fun and interactive course content such as interactive games and quizzes

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IOSH Managing Safely – specifically designed for management staff

Open to managers and supervisors from any sector and any organisation, Managing Safely is a practical programme which is very business-focussed. By taking this course, management staff will learn how to create a more healthy, safe working environment both for themselves and any employees they are responsible for.

Taking place over four days, IOSH Managing Safely contains a wide variety of course content including memorable and thought provoking case studies, detailed modules and practical work where you’ll put what you’ve learned into practice.

Here’s what you need to know about this course:

  • Four day length
  • Suitable for any manager or supervisor
  • Practical programme with step-by-step guidance and sharp business focus
  • Modules include assessing and controlling risks, understanding responsibilities, understanding hazards, investigating incidents, measuring performance and protecting the envrionment

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IOSH Managing Safely Refresher – open to managers who have already completed Managing Safely

Designed to help you keep your health and safety qualification up to date, this course is only available for those who have completed Managing Safely within the past three years.

The Managing Safely Refresher course will help you to refresh your existing knowledge. Thanks to a greater emphasis on monitoring, auditing and reviewing, delegates will learn how to take their organisation’s health and safety practises to the next level.

Two practical case studies are taken during this course, each dedicated to monitoring, auditing and reviewing.

  • Single day refresher course for managers who have taken IOSH Managing Safely within the last three years
  • Contains interactive quiz and discussion
  • Practical exercise included based on a real business
  • You’ll receive an up-to-date IOSH Managing Safely certificate after completion

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